Hello, Just a short bit to fill the space and make this interesting. My Name is Joe Cooper; I created this account so I could share more than the "amazing" photos I wish I could always produce but more of a new and hopefully ongoing photo documentary of the occasions I venture out of my little dark room into the world of light armed with my photographic equipment. I am not completely new to online life and have posted a considerable amount of writing and some graphics at 2 other sites. One site more geared towards artisic photography joe's deviantart:, and another site geared more towards poetic prose joe's poetry:. I liked the idea of just a simple place to display pictures and even have a bit of a backup for the occasional computer catastrophy... So enough of who I am in prose, I do hope you enjoy my galleries and do find something of enough interest to drop me a note. You can also checkout whatever you may find at Myspace here joe's Space: kindest regards, Joe